About us

Hi friends! "Kaye" here!

Kaye’s Country Chic Boutique is a high quality, hand made jewelry brand that is based out of Jackson, CA. My middle name is “Kaye” given to me by my momma and passed down from my grandmother. I playfully named the boutique as a tribute to my family and love for western style & fashion.

Where I started: Hand making jewelry was a hobby turned brand I took up in my spare time a few years ago and have loved every day since. I predominantly work with leather but I have also created wood, clay and some sterling silver pieces. My earrings are light weight and hypoallergenic as well as fun and fashionable! I style my earrings with inspiration from customers, friends, family and my way of life.

How I've grown: What started as a small earring brand quickly expanded into a full blown women's boutique in the summer of 2022. I've always loved fashion, particularly western/boho with a touch of retro inspo. It was only a matter of time before I took a leap of faith into curating this fashion dream last year and I'm loving every minute.

Going mobile: I started traveling to select areas around northern ca mid 2021 and needless to say I was hooked. The thrill of traveling to new areas, meeting new like minded people, and spreading the word about my boutique was something I didn't realize I would love so much! I continue to look forward to the future on wheels especially now that my latest project "Elvira" is road ready!

63' Fan Trailer "Elivira":

I dream come true. "Elvira" come to life in the fall of 2022 with the help, support and hard work of my great friends and family! While traveling home from work I spotted the 63' aluminium Fan trailer on the side of the road in my hometown. After a short phone call to my good friend Jade he agreed to meet up the next day to explore the possibility of transforming this once vintage fixer upper into a fully functional mobile boutique. TBC...